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How to Troubleshoot the “Scan to Email” Function on Xerox Machines2024-02-23T09:55:49-05:00

Please note: Not all machines will look like this, but all information is here. You may just need to navigate differently than described.

There are 3 major things to check when troubleshooting or configuring scan to email

  1. SMTP configuration (the longest part)
  2. From field (only if making changes after initial set-up)
  3. DNS (the machines connected to the internet allowing sending and receiving)

Starting with SMTP

After logging in as an admin you can navigate to the properties tab

Then navigate to the Apps -> email -> setup if it’s a versa link it’s the same path just a different look

After clicking it should look something like this

Starting with SMTP you can click on edit on the right-hand side

A customer may have a different domain and you just need to look up who it’s under and what the SMTP settings are for example our email is hosted through office 365 and would use hostname however if a customer is using their email they need to make sure their security settings allow them to sign into 3rd party apps as a temporary solution you can copy the information above as we know it works.

Next tab

In this step, you need to allow for authentication if they don’t have it enabled its most likely why it’s failing please make sure it’s selected at the top and bottom if you are using a Gmail you must go through the steps to create an app password which the steps can be found at if you are using our Gmail the app password is evyatqnwjodcljdp please copy and paste the password to avoid confusion. Next tab

This one is easy just select STARTTLS if available and uncheck validate server certificate while I believe the server has little to do with anything I uncheck it to avoid issues with versa link if you go through everything and it doesn’t work one troubleshooting thing is to try SSL/TLS and use port 465

Next tab


Next step is to go back to apps-> email -> setup to get back to this screen

All your doing is confirming that the device email you put in earlier is the same as the one listed here if not change them to match, if your doing this for the first time it should be the same but if you changed it from something else to the smtpxerox22 then you will most likely need to correct this

Next step back on the left navigate to connectivity -> setup

This is a crazy page but your just going to navigate to wired connection and edit

Lastly show dns settings for other machines this can be difficult to find but your looking for DNS settings and they are always under connectivity and typically deeper in the IP settings

This is what our DNS looks like but you should not copy this data as it Is dependent on the customer connection however there is an easy way to find this information

On the bottom left there is either a search bar a magnifying glass or a windows icon either one works type in command prompt and a black box should appear

At this point you can type in the command ipconfig/all and hit enter.

A lot will come up but we want to focus on the Ethernet adapter Ethernet specifically the connection-specific DNS Suffix and DNS servers the DNS suffix is going to go within the “requested domain name and DNS server is going to go in additional DNS server addresses

The requested host name should autofill so don’t change that also if there is only one dns server I recommend using some generic backups such as  all are good backups

If the DNS suffix is black put “local.domain” within the requested domain name because even if one does not exist it needs something in that field

Lastly go back to apps-> email-> setup-> smtp edit -> test configuration

You can insert an email here to test it

If you get this yay you did it good job!!

Some common troubleshooting if it fails:

If it says unable to connect to smtp server Check all previous steps and verify the information or Try the email we know works

“unable to generate message body” machine needs to be restarted before settings will update

Please note not all machines will look like this but all information is here you may just need to navigate differently than I have described.

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